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Author Gail Z Martin reads from her latest novel, Dark Haven, which came out in February 2009. Visit Gail's web site at www.ChroniclesOfTheNecromancer.com.

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This recording is a companion to Episode 12, Interview with Author Catherine Lundoff. Here she reads from her short story, "The Permanent."

Please note that this recording contains sexually explicit language and is not appropriate for children.

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Sample chant from Chants of Old

This sample accompanies VWnG006, Interview with Karagan, Witch and Podcaster.  Here we have "Hymn to Pan," from the Homeric Hymns. The chant is a collective effort with several High Priests of the Craft.  On Karagan's "Chants of Old," it is on track 11.

From Karagan:  "Pan is the Greek god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music: Paein means to pasture. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat. On this chant, I used a more melodic approach with vocal singing and sound of drums made by my own voice. The text of this chant is said by many High Priests of the Craft in honor of Pan. Let us call for He is not Dead and He never was. The Great God Pan is alive."

"Chants of Old" is the first album from Karagan, a Witch who is also a professionally trained Actor and Director born in Lisbon, Portugal. Karagan started to do chants for his rituals and ended up recording them later. As a professional actor, Karagan trained his voice for many years and used it not only on stage but also in his magical work. He lives now in Salem, Massachusetts.

"These are my personal experiences with the Gods. This was what happened when I tried to translate into sound, the deity energy perceived by me."

Tracks:  1-Aradia, 2-Calling Cernunnos, 3-Lusitania, 4-Hades, 5-Isis Lament, 6-Old Witchcraft, 7-Calling the Winds, 8-The Oracle, 9-Hymn to Hecate, 10-Listen, 11-Hymn to Pan, 12-Song to the Dead, 13-Blessing

The CD was produced by Flyingwitch Productions, ©2008, All Rights Reserved. Recording used with express permission.  

For more information, see http://www.karaganwitch.com/

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My first reading is what I call the "bowling practice" scene. Frederick, a newish vampire, has to go bowling to pacify his mortal girlfriend. First, though, he decides to practice.

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