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News and announcements about vampires, vampires, and more vampires. Oh, and some geek stuff, too. And the name of the contest winner!

Topics: Spike (James Marsters), Harry Dresden, True Blood, Northern Haunts anthology, Bitten by Books, Dark Shadows Convention, Vampire Con, Killer Con, Pi-Con, Witchtalk, Vlad the Gothic magician talks about the vampire communty), winner of Tate Hallaway giveaway book contest.

Web sites mentioned in the show:

www.dragoncon.org --  www.jamesmarsters.com --  www.shroudmagazine.com -- www.darkshadowsfestival.com -- www.killercon.org --  www.vampire-con.com -- www.biteclubshow.com -- www.blogtalkradio.com/witchtalk --  www.gothicmagic.com

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Hi, this is Morven, giving you a quick update.

In the next episodes of this podcast, you can expect interviews with authors of vampire fiction Cornelia Amiri, Margaret Carter, and Lynda Hilburn. They'll also be reading short excerpts of their vampire fiction in separate episodes.

But for now, I wasn't able to finish post-production work on Cornelia's interview or to complete my news podcast. Part of it is due to an upcoming vacation and deadlines at the day job, but let me be honest: True Blood just aired the first two episodes of the new season and yeah, I spent time, uh, researching, yeah, that's it, researching reactions on the various forums.

Before I go, let me give a big shout out and thanks to Dan and Michelle of the Out of the Coffin podcast. I totally forgot the one-year anniversary of Vampires, Witches, and Geeks, but they didn't! They gave me a big shout out! Thanks, Dan and Michelle, and thanks, too, for the movie reviews of some of the Dracula movies of the past. I loved remembering them with you.

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Gail Z. Martin is the author of The Summoner, The Blood King and Dark Haven in The Chronicles of The Necromancer series.  Book Four, Dark Lady’s Chosen, makes its international debut in early 2010.

Gail discovered her passion for science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school.  The first story she wrote—at age five—was about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows. At age 14, she decided to become a writer.  She enjoys attending science fiction/fantasy conventions, Renaissance fairs and living history sites.

For book updates, tour information and contact details, visit www.ChroniclesOfTheNecromancer.com.  Gail is also the host of the Ghost in the Machine Fantasy Podcast, and you can find her on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

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News items on Dark Shadows, True Blood fan podcast, and Angel star Andy Hallett. Contest results. Geek talk. Past & upcoming events. Info on upcoming episodes.  Recorded April 4, 2009.

Links mentioned on the podcast

Bushman's article on Barnabas Collins http://www.paleycenter.org/barnabas-collins-true-blood-sucker

True Blood fan podcast http://www.blogtalkradio.com/True-Blood

ConBust http://sophia.smith.edu/ssffs/conbust/

WisCon http://www.wiscon.info/

The Ghost in the Machine podcast http://www.chroniclesofthenecromancer.com

Just Works: Computers that Just Work http://www.justworksnh.com

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Vampire news.

Show notes:

Happy one year anniversary to Out of the Coffin!

You still have time -- until Feb 28 -- to enter my contest. See https://morvenwestfield.podbean.com/2008/12/23/contest-rules-announced/

The True Blood fan podcast is at http://true-blood.net/  They're fun to listen to and they have interviews with the cast and crew of the HBO hit TV series.

Vampire & Slayers forum:   http://vampiresandslayers.ning.com/ is a forum devoted to the Vampire Genre and Hunters of the Supernatural.

For information on The Horror Writers Association anthology BLOOD LITE, go to http://www.horror.org

DARK SHADOWS: THE PATH OF FATE, by Stephen Mark Rainey, featuring the voices of David Selby (Quentin Collins) and Lara Parker (Angelique):  http://www.bigfinish.com/6-Dark-Shadows-The-Path-of-Fate

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Today we have an interview with Dan and Michelle from the Out of the Coffin podcast, the podcast to find out what's lurking in the darkness waiting for you. On their show, they discuss vampires in fiction, folklore, pop culture, sub-culture, and the vampyres who live next door.

The interview was recorded September 11, 2008. The episode was Posted on December 8, 2008.


Their podcast - www.outofthecoffin.com

"For the Blood is the Life" fundraising compilation CD: http://www.masquenocturne.com/album

Part of the proceeds help them throw La Bal Masque Nocturne and part benefits the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund. "13 tracks of gothic goodness!" Only $13.00 USD.

Magnatune Records ("We are not evil") http://magnatune.com/

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I've just returned from a short vacation. I thought I could sneak in a podcast before I left, but I wasn't able to. So here's the episode I meant to publish.

In this podcast, I talk about a vampire podcast I found, the types of witches in my novel, and I give a short, but very useful geek tip.

Show Notes

OutOfTheCoffin Podcast: www.outofthecoffin.com

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