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Monday Feb 18, 2013

In this episode I interview writer Scott Goudsward. Scott's love of vampires began at an early age watching Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing on Creature Double Feature on Saturday afternoons. Scott always said he was going to write the massive vampire epic novel. Trailer Trash was not it. Scott's first published story, also called “Trailer Trash,” appeared in the anthology The Darkest Thirst. The novel was based on that story. Since then he has penned the screenplay for the short film “Granite Voice” and co-written two non-fiction books with his brother, David (Shadows Over New England and Shadows Over Florida). Currently he’s co-editing two anthologies for Chaosium with Rachel Kenley, Once Upon an Apocalypse, volume 1 and 2. Scott's short fiction has most recently appeared in the Stoker Award-nominated anthology Epitaphs, and the forthcoming Carnival of the Damned and Atomic Age Cthulhu. Visit Scott’s web site at Goudsward is spelled g-o-u-d-s-w-a-r-d. Note: This interview was recorded at a convention, so there are varying levels of background noise.

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