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Archive for August 2009

News and announcements about vampires, vampires, and more vampires. Oh, and some geek stuff, too. And the name of the contest winner!

Topics: Spike (James Marsters), Harry Dresden, True Blood, Northern Haunts anthology, Bitten by Books, Dark Shadows Convention, Vampire Con, Killer Con, Pi-Con, Witchtalk, Vlad the Gothic magician talks about the vampire communty), winner of Tate Hallaway giveaway book contest.

Web sites mentioned in the show:

www.dragoncon.org --  www.jamesmarsters.com --  www.shroudmagazine.com -- www.darkshadowsfestival.com -- www.killercon.org --  www.vampire-con.com -- www.biteclubshow.com -- www.blogtalkradio.com/witchtalk --  www.gothicmagic.com

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