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Hi, this is Morven, giving you a quick update.

In the next episodes of this podcast, you can expect interviews with authors of vampire fiction Cornelia Amiri, Margaret Carter, and Lynda Hilburn. They'll also be reading short excerpts of their vampire fiction in separate episodes.

But for now, I wasn't able to finish post-production work on Cornelia's interview or to complete my news podcast. Part of it is due to an upcoming vacation and deadlines at the day job, but let me be honest: True Blood just aired the first two episodes of the new season and yeah, I spent time, uh, researching, yeah, that's it, researching reactions on the various forums.

Before I go, let me give a big shout out and thanks to Dan and Michelle of the Out of the Coffin podcast. I totally forgot the one-year anniversary of Vampires, Witches, and Geeks, but they didn't! They gave me a big shout out! Thanks, Dan and Michelle, and thanks, too, for the movie reviews of some of the Dracula movies of the past. I loved remembering them with you.

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