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Archive for July 2008

Tonight we have a special treat for you: an interview with vampire writer, researcher, and publisher Inanna Arthen.

Inanna began studying vampire literature and folklore in the 1960's, when she persuaded a reluctant librarian to allow her to borrow Montague Summers' The Vampire in Europe and an unabridged copy of Dracula from the adult stacks.

In 1987, the editor of FireHeart magazine asked Inanna to write an article about her researches into vampires as an occult phenomenon. The article, "Real Vampires," was published in issue #2 of FireHeart, but found a global audience when it was first placed online in early 1997.

Show Notes

For more information on Inanna, her research, books (Mortal Touch, The Longer the Fall), or publishing company, see //www.bylightunseenmedia.com.

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